Jasmine Seo is a Seattle based surrealist with a propensity for enlightenment and an optimistic approach to life. Jasmine has always been multi-cultural, curious and passionate in nature, and she has been embracing all kinds of beauty and arts in her life since childhood. She was born and raised in Korea, then moved to Australia during adolescence. When she was 6 years old, she was very much intrigued by Byzantine mosaic art, then Cubism later throughout primary school.

As she has always hoped for a better world to live in, she started her education in Law and International Relations at University of Queensland, then she transferred to Australian National University in Canberra and completed her studies in Sociology, Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies. The combination of those fields helped Jasmine take her understanding and approach of her daily interactions in society to the next level, which ultimately made her seek ways to enlighten people and help with their decision making processes in different aspects.

That’s how Jasmine started her path as an artist as she has always found that art gives wings to explore further and dive deep into our minds without any restraints and boundaries. The more she studied philosophy, the more she came to the realisation that it is essential for us to listen to our inner voice and re-discover ourselves where we can ultimately be free. It is true that every one of us is bound by reality, but Jasmine believes that everyone should take advantage of art as a reminder to oneself and also to break the invisible frame that we have let us and others to impose upon our true self. Consequently, Jasmine contantly seeks the ways to free our mind and unleash our imagination beyond the reality through her artworks to ultimately find who we truly are.

Although she mostly works with different pastels, she has been particularly enjoying incorporating collage, illustration and printmaking techniques in her artwork as a powerful communication tool to help our society broaden their sense of understanding and wisdom for better harmony and peace, not only within ourselves but also in our life. Jasmine firmly believes that art isn’t just as a communication tool that can connect mind to mind but a key to trace back to our inner world and re-connect.

In her artwork, personified animals are embodied in the process of re-discovering a ray of hope that might have faded and been lost in the pandemonium during our individual lifelong journey. The perspectives through her inner child’s eye are intended to bring every one of us together to the point where we can reflect upon the past and present, and work towards a better future together.


Email: beautemia2012 _at_ gmail.com

Instagram: @beautemia_2012